Camolas Selection

Producer: Adega Camolas
Península de Setúbal

Grape varieties:  Moscatel Galego Branco
Winemaker:  Francisco Camolas de Matos, António Manuel Sanches

Alcohol:  13,40%
0,75 L
Service Temperature: 
8ºC – 10ºC




Tasting Notes:
It has a bright green citrus colour. lts aromas have intense mineral notes balanced with orange blossom and lemon fragrances, which are typical of the Moscatel grape variety. It presents a good structure in the mouth, quite fresh and vibrant. In the end it has a somewhat persistent flavor.

ln arder to fully appreciate all its aromatic potential, we recommend to consume this wine while it is still young. However, if you prefer to keep it, no longer than three years, we believe that it will become more complex and elegant.


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