Route 6 - Vineyards Gardens - Pedestria trail

Vineyards Gardens Trail

Average duration: 3 horas
Distance traveled: 11,5 km
Auto guided trail.

With visit to a wine cellar: since 6,50€.
(value subject do changes )

Fernando Pó


The beginning of the pedestrian trail is at Fernando Pó, a village with a strong wine tradition, where the vineyards and the wine production are the beginning to the “Vineyard Gardens”, starting with a visit to Fernão Pó Adega (2), to learn more about the region’s wine tradition.

A little further on, you also have the option to visit the winery Casa DuPó (2), for a guided tour or a wine tasting.

Starting directions for pedestrian trail starts here, passing through plantations of vineyards and a Montado area, you will reach Poceirão, where the next stop is at wine cellar Filipe Palhoça Vinhos (3), where you can do a Moscatel de Setúbal taste.


Fernando Pó

Returning the walking to Fernando Pó, end the trail with a guided visit to Casa Ermelinda Freitas (4) to reestablish your forces.

The trail has another suggestion of visit, which takes you to Quinta do Monte Alegre (5).

Fernando Pó


Map – http://sig.cm-palmela.pt/palmelaturismo/jardinsdevinha/index.html

Trail Identification – Vineyards Garden Trail

Location and Region – Union of Parishes of Poceirão and Marateca

Trail Type – Circular, Thematic, Pedestrian and Cycling Trail

Starting and Arrival Point – Fernão Pó Adega

Distance – 11,5 kms

Duration – 3h00

Cumulative Elevation Gain – 60 m

Difficulty Level – Easy

When to Go – All year round; during summer months it’s advised to do the trail at dawn or dusk, avoiding heat and sun exposure.

Guided tours to wine cellars: Advance reservation required.
Casa Mãe da Rota de Vinhos:
+351 212 334 398

(1) Fernão Pó Adega
(2) Casa DuPó
(3) Filipe Palhoça Vinhos
(4) Casa Ermelinda Freitas
(5) Quinta do Monte Alegre

Useful information: Posto Municipal de Turismo de Palmela:
+351 212 332 122

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