Route 2 - Through the lands of Arábida

Wine, Art and Nature

Average duration. 2 days
Distance traveled. 64 km
Approximate cost per person. 44,00€
(amount subject to changes and adaptations to the groups)

Vila frescade Azeitão

Vila Nogueira de Azeitão

The sides of the road are covered with the vineyards and pasture lands of the Quinta de Camarate. The Quinta is also dedicated to sheep husbandry and the production of the Queijo de Azeitão (cheese). On arriving at Vila Fresca de Azeitão we suggest a visit to S. Simão Arte, to paint a tile or get known the handcrafts of the region. Also visits the Church of São Simão.

Retake the route until the E.N. 10, in the direction of Setúbal. After Aldeia Grande, turn left and follow the road of the Vale de Alcube. After passing a small bridge, next to a watermill in ruins, you will find the access gate to the Quinta de Alcube (1).

A small family type of unit, inserted in an enchanting Quinta with its stately manor, a stream meandering through flourishing green woods, an orchard where the once famous Setúbal oranges are still produced and cattle husbandry. Apart from the wines, the Quinta produces honey and cheese and has a recent accommodation rural hotel. Take a break mid-morning and taste the wine and cheese produced on this local.

Retake the E.N. 10 until reaching the Quinta da Bacalhôa – one of the best examples of Portuguese renaissance architecture and an important repository of primitive tile-work in our country, classified as a National Monument. Part of the Quinta is covered with vineyards.

Then visit a factory of tiles, the azulejos Azeitão, which maintains the manual production, using the technique of faience and technical edge and you can paint a tile.

Continue in the direction of Vila Nogueira de Azeitão. Along the route, a plaque marks the presence of an important group of Thousand-Year-Old Olive Trees, classified as Natural Heritage.

Follow in the direction of the vineyards of the Quinta da Bassaqueira, where the Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal (2) wine cellar is installed, a space where the symbiosis of wines, art and nature, reaches its highest. The wine cellar, with its modern lines, is surrounded by stunning gardens with thousand-year-old olive trees, contemporary statues and a Japonese graden. In the back, the vineyards and a lake with exotic fish and ducks. In the interior, the Moscatel wine ages in 1800 barrels, framed by an extraordinary collection of XVth to XIXth century tiles.

Visit Vila Nogueira de Azeitão – the exterior of Palace of the Duques de Aveiro, the Pelourinho (pillory), the Church of São Lourenço and the Fonte dos Pasmados (Fountain).

Enjoy the cult of the art and of ancient traditions in the José Maria da Fonseca (3) wine cellar. The beautiful façade of the house and its interior are a journey through the history of this company, evoked by the old machines, prizes and various artefacts. A pleasant garden provides access to wine cellars where the aging process of the wines takes place. In the “Periquita” wine cellar, we find enormous tuns, and in the old cellar, the Moscatel de Setúbal wine aging in hundreds of barrels.

Vila Nogueira de Azeitão is the ideal place to taste the gastronomic specialities, as Torta or Esse de Azeitão.

Closed to Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, you can also visit Quinta de Catralvos (4), a space fully integrated into a wine landscape that offers guided tours of the winery with wine tasting and tasting of regional products.

Continue and go on the discovery of Serra da Arrábida. After the village of the Aldeia de Irmãos, at the crossroads, you can go  directly to the Natural Park of Arrábida or go to visit the Cabo Espichel.


Natural Park

Along the road to the left, you find a landscape surrounded by vineyards. At the crossroads, there are two choices:

~ If you descend to visit the Beach of the Portinho da Arrábida, you will find the Oceanographic and Fisheries Museum, installed in an ancient fortress and the Lapa de Santa Margarida. Take back the crossroads and continue to the top of the hill and follow the road towards Setúbal, going through the beaches. During the Summer season you can not perform this route.

~ If you continue along the top of the mountains of the Serra da Arrábida, you will find a small watch-tower and a belvedere, with a view of the Convent and the beaches. After the curve, an entrance to the convent da Arrábida (Convent) emerges, construction that blends harmoniously with the landscape looking like a work of nature itself.

The road, meandering along the mountainside, provides scenes of exceptional natural beauty until the city of Setúbal. Meets suggestions to visit this city on Route V.


Wine cellar

Cabo Espichel

To finish this route, visit the Cabo Espichel. Follow the road to the right in the direction of Sesimbra, passing through Santana and following the indications to the Cabo Espichel. Here, you will find steep cliffs which fall abruptly into the sea, the architectural compound of the Santuário de N. Sr.ª do Cabo (Sanctuary) and the Ermida da Memória (Chapel of Memory). Close to this location, next to the Lagosteiros beach, fossilised dinosaur footprints and traces of fossilised dinosaur tail were discovered. 

Guided Tours a Wine Cellars

Prior reservation required.
Casa Mãe da Rota de Vinhos
+351 212 334 398

(1) Quinta de Alcube
(2) Bacalhôa – Vinhos de Portugal
(3) José Maria da Fonseca
(4) Quinta de Catralvos

Useful information:

Posto de Municipal de Turismo de Azeitão – 212 180 729
Convento da Arrábida – 212 180 520
Posto Municipal de Turismo de Sesimbra – 212 288 540

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Casa de Atalaia (vila de Palmela) – 212 350 072
Delmira Vineyard House (Fernando Pó) – 917 500 198
Humus Farm (Fernando Pó) – 265 103 316
Porta da Arrábida Hostel & Suites (vila de Palmela) – 212 337 090
Pousada de Palmela – 212 351 226
Quinta de Catralvos (Azeitão) – 212 197 610
Quinta do Piloto (Palmela) – 212 333 030

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Taverna O Bobo da Corte (Palmela) – 935 205 936
Wine Corner By José Maria da Fonseca (Vila Nogueira de Azeitão) – 212 191 366

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